Collagraphs And Mixed-Media Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)

Collagraphs And Mixed-Media Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)

Collagraphs and Mixed-Media Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)

Collagraphs are prints made from collages, relief sculpture, carved, stripped or layered plates, or mixed media. Material can be added to prints at any stage, which means that this method of working allows for a much more fluid artistic approach than other types of printmaking. In this book, the authors describe a wide range of collagraph techniques, providing the user with practical help on the choice of materials and printing methods to achieve the best results. It is illustrated with images of the work of British and international collagraph artists, making it a practical and inspirational guide for both students and experienced printmakers. A large portion of the book is dedicated to information about a wide range of collagraph artists and their work.

"This useful handbook gives an interesting, informative account of Hartill's approach to materials and processes in an attractive, precise manner." Printmaking Today (Autumn 2005)

About the Author

Brenda Hartill is one of the most prominent collagraph artists working today, and her work is exhibited internationally. Richard Clarke is a printmaker whose work has appeared at several recent exhibitions in London.

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