Papermaking For Printmakers (Printmaking Handbooks)

Papermaking For Printmakers (Printmaking Handbooks)

Papermaking for Printmakers (Printmaking Handbooks)

Paper is probably the most important factor to a printmaker. The type used is integral to the finished piece and can determine the whole look of a print. This book aims to alert artists working in both the fields of print and papermaking to the possibilities inherent within each discipline, and how each may complement the other. Making your own paper allows printmakers to have absolute control over their print, often resulting in a work of extraordinary richness and beauty. This book features a range of different papers from around the world, and includes a section focusing on Japanese papermaking - a delicate and highly-prized skill. The author also leads us through the various methods that enable the artist to incorporate found objects (such as petals, seeds, leaves); and to determine the exact colour (using both natural and chemical dyes) and thickness of the sheets.


"This is a magnificient guide to a mysterious and seductive artform."—Printmaking Today  

About the Author

Elspeth Lamb is a visiting lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art and is
also an artist in residence this year at Nagasawa in Japan. She is...

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