Iron Fists: Branding The 20th Century Totalitarian State

Iron Fists: Branding The 20th Century Totalitarian State

Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State

An illustrated history of propaganda art and design from Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the USSR, and Communist China.

"A fascinating study of the power inherent in symbols and visual branding."-Creative Review "Heller's text throughout is splendid, neither assuming any prior knowledge of the history of these regimes nor pitching so low that it will bore the more informed reader... [Iron Fists] is a powerful achievement, one that fascinates, and leaves the reader sickened and unnerved by the fascination."-Icon "Sophisticated and visually arresting... Heller, by means of unsettling images and shrewd analysis, amply restores the vileness of branding... Heller's prose is as clear and uncluttered as the graphic design he admires."-International Herald Tribune "The book looks amazing... One opens the book with a genuine sense of seduced trepidation... The great strength of this book lies in its coherence as an image essay, and you'd be hard-pushed to find such a comprehensive, considered display of documents that have shaped the modern political and cultural landscape... Heller deserves considerable credit for this."-ArtReview

About the Author
Steven Heller is the art director of the NY Times Book Review...

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