Debating The Archaeological Heritage (Debates In Archaeology)

Debating The Archaeological Heritage (Debates In Archaeology)

Debating the Archaeological Heritage (Debates in Archaeology)

Throughout the world, competing interest groups lay claim to the material remains of the past. Archaeologists, developers, indigenous 'first peoples', looters, museum curators, national government officals, New Age worshippers, private collectors, tourists - all want their share. This introduction to contemporary debates surrounding their rival claims deals with defining, owning, protecting, managing, interpreting, and experiencing the archaeological heritage.

Fundamental questions are considered: What is 'archaeological heritage'? Who should own and control the material culture of the past? How should these remains be protected? How should the archaeological heritage be presented to the public?

Robin Skeates calls for greater communication and co-operation between archaeologists and other interest groups, urging archaeologists to increase the involvement of local people in the culturally valuable and vulnerable material remains of their past, and in archaeological research that attempts to be objective.

"A compact summary of debates rangingwithin the fields of archaeology, and heritage management regarding the many proper and improper ways in which material heritage is defined, owned, protected, managed, interpreted, and experienced. . . . A masterful summary of complex topics in an accessible format; highly recommended for upper-division undergraduate students and above."...

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