Free: The End Of The Human Condition

Free: The End Of The Human Condition

Free: The End of the Human Condition

Author Jeremy Griffith's first book that introduces the reader to the issue of the human condition and his biological explanation of it. It describes how the anger and selfishness felt by humans is the result of a conflict between two factions within ourselves - the gene-based instinctive self struggling against the nerve-based intellect's need and responsibility to understand existence. The conflict caused humans to live with an undeserved sense of guilt that understanding now ameliorates.

'Could you please send me an extra copy of your book? [Mine] is on loan because it was so appreciated.' -- The late Sir Laurens van der Post, who was a pre-eminent philosopher, author of 24 books and a close friend of Carl Jung

Jeremy Griffith spoke about his concepts [from 'Free'] on my radio program 'The Search For Meaning' and the interview received the second most enthusiastic public response in the program's [twice weekly for 8 years] history.' Caroline Jones, senior radio journalist who has been awarded the 
Order of Australia and the Media Peace Prize Gold Citation

'I consider the book [Free] to be the work of a prophet...

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