Santa Monica: 1950-2010 (Images Of America)

Santa Monica: 1950-2010 (Images Of America)

Santa Monica: 1950-2010 (Images of America)

The city of Santa Monica in the post–World War II era has enjoyed a colorful history as both a resort community and as a bustling, vibrant city. Its coastal Mediterranean climate has provided an ideal atmosphere for the famous California lifestyle. Known for the 100-year-old Santa Monica Pier, as well as the Third Street Promenade, for its beautiful beaches and quaint neighborhoods, Santa Monica has been home to many famous Hollywood movie stars, including Shirley Temple, Cary Grant, Betty Grable, Clark Gable, Bette Davis, and Robert Redford. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also maintained offices here. Santa Monica has played host to many of the nation’s most famous names, such as Gen. Jimmy Doolittle and Pres. John F. Kennedy. The companion piece to Images of America: Early Santa Monica, this volume’s more than 200 photographs cover the dynamic people, businesses, events, attractions, and celebrities that have shaped Santa Monica into the world-renowned city of today.

Title: Celebrate the History of Santa Monica

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Date: 6/27/2011

New from Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series is Santa Monica 1950-2010. In vintage photographs, local author Louise B. Gabriel and the Santa Monica Historical Society share the...

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