The Blessing Of Life: An Introduction To Catholic Bioethics

The Blessing Of Life: An Introduction To Catholic Bioethics

The Blessing of Life: An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics

In this thoughtful text, Brian Kane explores the foundations, methods, and conclusions of Catholic thinking on bioethics. With the advent of medical technologies and treatments that once seemed impossible, scientific knowledge brings with it opportunities to enhance, damage, or even destroy our humanity. Catholic theology has a long tradition of exploring this relationship between science and the human person. By providing an introductory explanation of Catholic theological thinking on bioethics, Kane offers a systematic approach to questions on the meaning of human existence and the power of human choice. He explains the ways Catholic readers can better understand ethical dilemmas and decisions regarding medicine and health care-both individually and collectively as members of society.

This is a good introduction to Catholic bioethics. In particular, the discussions of professionalism and the social dimensions of health care display a mastery of Catholic thought and the complexities of the current context of health care. (Stephen E. Lammers, Lafayette College, Easton)

Kane offers a clearly written, well researched, scholarly introduction to Catholic moral theological thinking on bioethics. The text reviews the method and foundations of moral thinking and challenges readers...

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