Sociolinguistics And Mobile Communication (Edinburgh Sociolinguistics EUP)

Sociolinguistics And Mobile Communication (Edinburgh Sociolinguistics EUP)

Sociolinguistics and Mobile Communication (Edinburgh Sociolinguistics EUP)

What does it mean to be able to speak or write to anyone, anywhere, 24/7/365, and get an immediate response? And what does the current profusion of these technologies mean for the study of language in social life? Do we need to develop new approaches, methodologies and theories? Taking a global perspective, this volume provides readers with a nuanced, ethnographically-informed understanding of mobile communication and sociolinguistics. The text explores a wide range of digital applications, including SMS, email, tweeting, Facebook, YouTube, chatting, blogging, Wikipedia, Second Life and gaming Raising important questions about the nature of language and the creativity of speakers, Ana Deumert examines the role of multimodality and intertextuality in creating meaning, as well as the realities and consequences of digital linguistic inequality. Drawing on examples from across the world, as well as original multilingual data and analyses from South Africa, this innovative textbook provides undergraduate and postgraduate readers with accessible explanations of sociolinguistic theories as they apply to the growing field of mobile communication.

About the Author

Ana Deumert is Associate Professor in Linguistics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She has published extensively in the...

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