Hope: A Collection Of Obama Posters And Prints

Hope: A Collection Of Obama Posters And Prints

Hope: A Collection of Obama Posters and Prints

Winner, Benjamin Franklin Award™ (Independent Book Publishers Association), Political/Current Events category

In Hope: A Collection of Obama Posters and Prints, Kansas City Art Institute professor Hal Elliott Wert unveils one of the largest Barack Obama campaign poster collections in existence. This is a collection to be treasured by everyone who was inspired and mobilized by the Obama campaign.

Among the unique features of this landmark book:

  • More than 170 posters from Hal Wert’s personal collection
  • A Catalog of Posters and Prints with background information on each featured piece
  • The social and political context of the Obama poster movement and its place in the history of American presidential campaign art
  • Foreword by Ray Noland, the street artist credited with starting the nationwide guerrilla poster movement in support of Obama
  • The interior of the dust jacket folds out into a full-color reproduction of artist David Choe’s Hope poster

A portion of this book’s proceeds fund the National Art Education Association.

From Booklist
Wert, a professor at the Kansas City Art Institute who has made campaign art a specialty, collected 160 Obama posters created across the country during the 2008 presidential campaign in a...

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