Don't Wake Up The Bear!

Don't Wake Up The Bear!

Don't Wake Up the Bear!

It’s a cold, snowy night, and a big, soft bear sleeps soundly in his cave. A small hare wanders by, and since his ears are so cold, he snuggles up in the bear’s cozy den. Before long, a fox comes along with the same idea. "You may come in," says the hare, "but don’t wake up the bear!" As the night wears on, the nest of sleeping animals expands until a mouse with a cold curls up right in the bear’s ear―and wakes him up with a loud sneeze!

Warm, playful illustrations and a repeating refrain make this bedtime book perfect for year-round reading.

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 2-On a winter's eve, as a bear sleeps in his cozy cave, a cold-eared hare creeps in to snuggle in his soft fur. Several animals join her to warm up various extremities. Each time she warns, "-don't wake up the bear!" A mouse is the last to arrive, curling up in his ear. However she develops the sniffles and lets loose a loud sneeze. The lumbering creature wakes up and growls and the animals scatter. The bear merely trudges off and snacks on some...

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