How To Start A Home-based Food Truck Business (Home-Based Business Series)

How To Start A Home-based Food Truck Business (Home-Based Business Series)

How To Start a Home-based Food Truck Business (Home-Based Business Series)

Everything you need to know to run a profitable and satisfying food truck business from your home

From the Back Cover

From designing your food truck and identifying your market to establishing a business plan and determining the operational concerns of a mobile business, this comprehensive guide provides down-to-earth advice on every aspect of setting up and running a food truck business. Learn all about overcoming the hurdles facing the mobile food vendor, the legal aspects of food safety, menu planning, setting up your home-based headquarters, and navigating the catering industry. Whatever your plans, each chapter can help you experience the satisfaction of establishing and building your own home-based food truck business and reaching opening day!
Look for useful charts and worksheets throughout the book, including:
Preferred Vendor Checklist
 Start-Up Cost Worksheets
Sample Operational Weekly Schedule 7878
Outfitting your mobile kitchen
Attracting customers
Navigating operations concerns
Understanding legal aspects
and food safety
Building your menu

About the Author

Eric Thomas is the owner of the Rolling Grill, a mobile food trailer that specializes in onsite...

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