Flight Of The Honey Bee (Read And Wonder)

Flight Of The Honey Bee (Read And Wonder)

Flight of the Honey Bee (Read and Wonder)

Follow the flight of a honey bee as she searches for nectar to sustain her hive and, along the way, pollinates flowers to produce seeds and fruits.

A tiny honey bee emerges from the hive for the first time. Using sunlight, landmarks, and scents to remember the path, she goes in search of pollen and nectar to share with the thousands of other bees in her hive. She uses her powerful sense of smell to locate the flowers that sustain her, avoids birds that might eat her, and returns home to share her finds with her many sisters. Nature lovers and scientists-to-be are invited to explore the fascinating life of a honey bee.
Back matter includes information about protecting bees and an index.

From School Library Journal
K-Gr 2–On a golden fall day, a bee makes her first flight as scout, looking for flowers for the bees in her hive to harvest. Focusing on the insect's journey, the story introduces the shared work of the bee colony and the basic scheme of honey production. “An arresting smell drifts on the breeze. Scout locks onto this scent” and soon finds herself in...

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