The Pilgrim Song (The House Of Winslow #29)

The Pilgrim Song (The House Of Winslow #29)

The Pilgrim Song (The House of Winslow #29)

Book 29 of THE HOUSE OF WINSLOW. Lewis Winslow has money, a fine home, and a bright future in business—but he has lost his beloved wife and is disappointed with the way his children have turned out. Josh cares for nothing but pleasure. Jennie is caught up in society. And Hannah leads the life of a recluse. When the calendar turns to October 1929, Lewis Winslow loses everything. An old army buddy offers to help—but he’s in trouble with the law! The Winslows must change their priorities if they expect to survive.

"a strong message for people in our asset to Christian schools and libraries, as well as secular libraries." -- Christian Library Journal, October 2003

About the Author
Gilbert Morris was a pastor before becoming an English professor and earning a Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas. Gilbert has been a consistent bestselling author in the Christian market for many years. He and his wife live in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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