Animatronics : A Guide To Animated Holiday Displays

Animatronics : A Guide To Animated Holiday Displays

Animatronics : A Guide to Animated Holiday Displays

Author Edwin Wise takes the reader inside his world of robotics in an innovative guide to designing, developing, and building animated displays centered around the holidays of Halloween and Christmas.

From the Back Cover
Author Edwin Wise has written the perfect book to help you liven up the holidays! This hands-on and project-oriented book on animated holiday displays covers simple, classic projects and advanced motion animation used in professional mechatronic systems. Along the way, it includes tips and tricks for sculpting and decorating all your self-operated mechanisms.

While other books on the market describe only static displays, none provide the advanced hobbyist with the tools needed to create a complex animated display. Animatronics: A Guide to Animated Holiday Displays is targeted at the intermediate and advanced builder and covers four broad categories:

• Electrical animations
• Pneumatic animations
• Servo animations
• Control systems

Also covered are "background" projects that include stationary systems such as Fog Chillers and how to make water glow under black light. Animatronics guides you through projects to build and control AC motors and pneumatic systems inside your animated props. It also includes some overlap...

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