The Way Of The Brush: Painting Techniques Of China And Japan

The Way Of The Brush: Painting Techniques Of China And Japan

The Way of the Brush: Painting Techniques of China and Japan

The first paperback edition of this backlist classic, The Way of the Brush examines the technique, style, traditions, and methods of ink-painting. Illustrated with over 250 paintings and packed with instructions, The Way of the Brush covers every aspect of the art, from brushstrokes, composition, and the painting surface to meaning, perspective, and artistic philosophy. Part One explains the elements, techniques, and principles of Chinese and Japanese painting, while Part Two is devoted to challenges associated with the art. Also included are three appendices and a full bibliography.

"The most readable, the most authoritative, and the most comprehensive explanation of its kind to be published in many years. Indeed, it deservedly may be called unique." —Chicago Sunday Tribune

"Not only very thorough in matters of techniques, but unusually knowledgeable in regard to the subtle but supremely important philosophical ideas involved in design and composition." —San Francisco Sunday Chronicle

About the Author

Fritz van Briessen lived and traveled widely in Asia and spent several years studying brush painting under the tutelage of Peking landscape painter P'u Ch'uan.

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