The Book Art Of Richard Minsky: My Life In Book Art

The Book Art Of Richard Minsky: My Life In Book Art

The Book Art of Richard Minsky: My Life in Book Art

Extraordinary sculptural bookworks and visual literature by a pioneering contemporary artist who changed the way people think about books.

Richard Minsky is known for his conceptual approach to the book as an art object. He combines a background in economics with an innovative use of traditional methods and new materials to create sculptural, often political, bookworks. Minsky's blending of an eclectic mix of interests, from musical and theater performance to social issues and virtual worlds, remains a hallmark of his career.

This is an artist's book, designed by Minsky with an autobiographical introduction and descriptive texts about each work. Not only a gorgeous picture book with over 100 full-color photographs, this volume informs the artworks with the evolution of the artist from a 13-year-old printer in 1960 to a leader of the Book Art Movement. It showcases Minsky's unique works in private and institutional collections as well as his editioned multiples. 100+ full-color photographs

"outstanding and brilliant", "beautiful to gaze upon", "highly recommended" -Art Libraries Society of North America:

"challenged art world orthodoxies, outraged traditionalists" - The Bonefolder:


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