Companions In Hope: The Art Of Christian Caring

Companions In Hope: The Art Of Christian Caring

Companions in Hope: The Art of Christian Caring

Most people are neither clergy nor counselors yet are often called on in daily life to listen to serious problems -- whether at home, on the job, or through the church. This book provides practical help on what to say -- and not say -- when dealing with such situations. Adapting insights from pastoral counseling, the book enables everyday people to reach out, listen with intention, and offer hope. An antidote to the isolation that affects so much of modern life, the book helps both parties find moments of true grace in talking and in listening.

A wonderful compendium of ideas on how to listen, what to say, and when to refer. -- Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart

An excellent addition to the field of pastoral care and ministry. -- New Theology Review

Anyone who has ever struggled with caring for another human being will find a real aid in [this book]. -- The Journal of Pastoral Counseling

This hope-filled book calls on the entire Christian community to provide intentional caring. -- Health Progress

When used as a text for hands-on supervised workshops on...

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