The Journal Of William Charles Macready 1832-1851

The Journal Of William Charles Macready 1832-1851

The Journal of William Charles Macready 1832-1851

Besides being a great actor and the friend and associate of Dickens, Bulwer Lytton, Browning, and most of the principal figures in the drama and literature of his time, William Charles Mac­ready (1793-1873) was a compulsive diarist. His journal of twenty-one years, during most of which he was at the head of the English stage, is a can­did and absorbing self-revelation.


“No one could undertake the re-editing and com­pression of the diaries with more authority and understanding than Mr. Trewin…Mr. Trewin’s concise interpolations provide an authentic back­ground to the diarist’s entries and so enable us to take them in our stride as an absorbing narrative.”—Times Literary Supplement


“Judged by this admirable abridgement, Macready’s journal ranks high, both as an early Victorian peep show and as the strangely moving portrait of an unamiable but far from unlovable man.”—The Observer

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