Bruce Sargeant And His Circle: Figure And Form

Bruce Sargeant And His Circle: Figure And Form

Bruce Sargeant and His Circle: Figure and Form

Painter Mark Beard is a master of fiction. Working in the 1920s style of his imaginary gay great-uncle Bruce Sargeant, Beard creates images of athletes in various stages of dress and undress. This archly homoerotic, exquisitely rendered body of work is rounded out with paintings by Bruce's circle of friends and associates: his Classicist teacher, Modernist lesbian best friend, and Abstract Expressionist art-school rival. Critical essays, remembrances from New York society members, and other ephemera from this lively quartet of fictional characters create an enticing journey into history, literature, and art.

"The imaginary Bruce Sargeant is actually one of the many alter egos of artist Mark Beard, who envisioned Bruce as his gay great-uncle. A homoerotic masterpiece with a twist, the book features the work of Bruce and his close circle." -- Queer

About the Author
Bruce Sargeant's work is featured in Abercrombie & Fitch's flagship stores thanks to the efforts of Mark Beard, a painter who resides in New York City.

Thomas Sokolowski is the director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia.

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