Coffin Hollow And Other Ghost Tales

Coffin Hollow And Other Ghost Tales

Coffin Hollow and Other Ghost Tales

Mysterious vanishing hitchhikers, travelers beset by headless dogs, and long-dead moonshiners come alive in this collection of ninety-six Appalachian folktales. Set in coal mines and remote farm cabins, in hidden hollows and on mountain tops, some of these stories look back to the days when West Virginia was first settled; others reflect the rancor and brutality of the Civil War. But most of these tales guide us through the recent past of the uncommonly rich folk heritage of West Virginia. This ghostly collection, with source information and bold illustrations, will thrill longtime lovers of supernatural lore.

"A delightfully chilling collection."―Southern Living

"Highly readable, well-turned tales designed to entertain and delight . . . replete with haunted houses, omens of impending doom, reincarnated cats and dogs, and avenging spirits."―West Virginia History

"Here are murder, mayhem, buried fortunes, vengeful ghosts, reincarnations, graveyards and corpses."―Come-All-Ye

"As a folklorist's reference, it's a treasure."―Green Man Review

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