Social Theory: An Introduction

Social Theory: An Introduction

Social Theory: An Introduction

This introduction to social theory addresses key issues in sociological, political, and cultural analysis through the unifying theme of social conflict, cohesion, and consent. Structured around the major theorists in the field, Joseph examines such thinkers as Marx and Engels, Gramsci, Durkheim, Parsons, Weber, The Frankfurt School, and Foucault. Through their ideas, core social concepts and key features of modern society are introduced, including structure and agency, ideology, discourse and legitimation, the state, the economy, and civil society. Dealing with both contemporary social debates and established theoretical approaches, Social Theory serves as a uniquely useful introduction for both politics and sociology students.


"There is always a need for introductory works about difficult ideas that are written with as much clarity, grace, balance and scholarship as this one. For these topics, in particular, it is a striking accomplishment. I have no doubt it will be widely used."

-Bertell Ollman,New York University

About the Author

Jonathan Joseph is a lecturer in international politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He is author of Hegemony: A Realist Analysis and coeditor (with John Roberts) of Realism, Discourse and Deconstruction.

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