International Travel And Tourism

International Travel And Tourism

International Travel and Tourism

International Travel and Tourism presents a new perspective on international travel by covering all the aspects of international travel, as well as cultural awareness. Some of the various features covered in this book are: obtaining a passport and visa, familiarization of global time, traveling through the new Europe and Russia, and ecotourism. Learning is reinforced with open-ended questions to encourage critical thinking.

Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to International Travel and Tourism. Chapter 2: Air Travel Geography. Chapter 3: International Travel. Chapter 4: International Air Fares. Chapter 5: International Ticketing. Chapter 6: The New Europe. Chapter 7: The New Russia, Asia, and the South Pacific. Chapter 8: Less Developed Nations. Chapter 9: Future Trends.

About the Author
Helle Sorensen is an instructor at Community College of Denver

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