Introduction To World Christian History

Introduction To World Christian History

Introduction to World Christian History

Christianity is a global faith. Today, people are increasingly aware that Christianity extends far beyond Europe and North America, permeating the Eastern and Southern hemispheres. What we may know less well is that Christianity has always been a global faith. A vast untold story waits to be heard beyond the familiar tale of how the Christian faith spread across Europe. Not only was Jesus born in Asia, but in the early years of the church Christianity found fertile soil in Africa and soon extended to East Asia as well. In this brief introduction to world Christian history, Derek Cooper explores the development of Christianity across time and the continents. Guiding readers to places such as Iraq, Ethiopia and India, Scandinavia, Brazil and Oceania, he reveals the fascinating―and often surprising―history of the church.

"Derek Cooper's Introduction to World Christian History (2016) is a good, tightly written history that shows the importance of Asia and Africa in Christianity's first 14 centuries." (Marvin Olasky, World Magazine, Sept. 17, 2016)

"Cooper's writing is engaging, and his chapter overviews and 'trail markers' help readers with uncommon terms and concepts. This is a valuable work for...

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