Last Chapter And Worse

Last Chapter And Worse

Last Chapter and Worse

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The daily Far Side cartoon, a staple item for legions of Gary Larson fans, is no longer published in the morning newspaper but continues to have one more incarnation as the final published volume of these eccentric, off-beat depictions of Larson's unusual perspectives. Last Chapter And Worse features more than 140 cartoons which have never been published in book form before. Only in The Far Side world can fans experience Aunt Vivian's Prison for Ne'er Do Wells or discover the ultimate boon to evading customs inspectors: Marv the kangaroo's secret pouch. Where else have two astronauts discovered that is is only a paper moon? Or that Noah played poker with some of the dumb animals (until God told him to knock it off)? Last Chapter And Worse is a badly needed fix for all Far Side fans suffering withdrawal symptoms since their favorite cartoon addiction can no longer be sampled daily in their local paper. -- Midwest Book Review

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