The New Grammar In Action, Book 3

The New Grammar In Action, Book 3

The New Grammar in Action, Book 3

Appropriate for both adult and secondary learners, the newest edition of Grammar in Action is a popular, three-level series that offers a communicative approach to language learning. Clear, dynamic presentations and practice activities involve students in lively interactions based on real-life situations. This innovative program integrates grammar, listening, speaking, and writing, engaging readers with challenging and fun activities, while developing critical thinking skills.

1. Education: Present Continous Tense/Simple Present Tense. 2. Colonial Times 1607-1776: Past Tense/Used to. 3. Family Matters: Future: be + going to and will. 4. The Apartment: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives. 5. A Vacation to Canada: Question Review. 6. Plans and Possibilities: Modals of Possibility. 7. Driving: Modals of Necessity and Advice. 8. Changes: Present Perfect. 9. Job Performance: Present Perfect with ever; Adverbs of Frequency. 10. At the Ball Game: Present Perfect Continous. 11. The American Dream: Infinitives. 12. Immigration: Gerunds. 13. Business and Industry: Present Passive. 14. Technology and Progress: Passive-Contrast. 15. country Music: Adjective Clauses.

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Barbara Foley is full-time professor of at Union County College, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. She has presented at numerous workshops, conferences,...

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