Marc 21 For Everyone: A Practical Guide

Marc 21 For Everyone: A Practical Guide

Marc 21 for Everyone: A Practical Guide

Using common conventions and a shared language of tags, subfields, indicators, and codes, MARC 21 the latest code is a powerful integrated record format packed with information so all librarians can do their work more effectively. But you'll only be as effective using MARC as you are informed about its capabilities. Covering both the big-picture fundamentals and the basics of nuts-and-bolts details, MARC 21 for Everyone is the best and easiest introduction to MARC 21 available.

Packed with self-assessment tools including quizzes, helpful tables, and many examples of tags and subfields, this authoritative manual presents clear and practical guidance to get you up to speed and ready to apply MARC 21 to your catalog records.

About the Author
Deborah A. Fritz is the co-owner of The MARC of Quality, a Florida-based company that provides training, software, and database services to help librarians create better MARC records. Formerly a cataloging trainer at a multitype library consortium and a cataloger at various libraries, she currently teaches an extensive array of cataloging workshops around the United States. She is the author of Cataloging with AACR2 and USMARC: For Books, Computer Files, Serials, Sound Recofrdings...

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