The Tyranny Of Numbers: Mismeasurement And Misrule

The Tyranny Of Numbers: Mismeasurement And Misrule

The Tyranny of Numbers: Mismeasurement and Misrule

In this wide-ranging study, Nicholas Eberstadt demonstrates that some of the most basic of today's domestic and foreign policies have been buttressed or justified by what turns out to be misanalysis or misuse of available facts and figures. The Tyranny of Numbers not only warns about the ways the statistics are being misused in government policy in the United States and abroad but explains how this process can end up injuring vulnerable groups or distorting the workings of the democratic system.

From the Back Cover
'This book belies its title. By his own example, Nicholas Eberstadt proves that statistics need not lie or obscure. They can illuminate subtleties, expose falsehood, and focus attention on real problems instead of distractions. Along the way, Eberstadt also demonstrates one of the best-kept secrets of social science: the better the statistician, the easier the reading.'- Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve

About the Author
Nicholas Eberstadt is the Harry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy at AEI.

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