Congressional Procedures And The Policy Process

Congressional Procedures And The Policy Process

Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process

The definitive work on how congressional rules, procedures, and traditions affect the course and content of legislation, the fundamentals of lawmaking are made clear in Oleszeks straight talking, informative book. Updates to this new edition spotlight the use of innovative procedural devices by both parties to achieve their goals, a reassessment of the role of conference committees in reconciling bicameral differences, and heightened use of old and new oversight mechanisms to check and balance executive actions and activities.

From School Library Journal

YA Students of American history and government will appreciate this comprehensive analysis of the way in which the U.S. Congress establishes policy for the nation. Some chapters will be especially good for high-school curriculum: ``Congress and Lawmaking,'' ``The Congressional Environment,'' and ``The Congressional Budget Process,'' among others. A few sections will be more used by teachers supporting their lectures: ``House Floor Procedure,'' and ``Legislative Oversight,'' as examples. An excellent chart demonstrates ``How a Bill Becomes a Law,'' and is only one of several such well-drawn demonstrations. The comprehensive index and glossary also add to the value of the book, which will be well used in many high-school libraries. Sherry...

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