The Complete Guide To Cross-Country Ski Preparation

The Complete Guide To Cross-Country Ski Preparation

The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation

* Covers mechanics, techniques and tools, repairs, and more
* Nat Brown was the U.S. Cross-Country team and U.S. Biathalon Team waxer for two Olympics and five World Championships

If you ski competitively, good ski preparation can win the race. If you ski for recreation, proper ski preparation will enhance your enjoyment. Here is the complete, hands-on guide to the tools and techniques necessary to ready skis for optimal performance. Emphasizing simplicity and practicality, Nat Brown guides skiers through all the techniques-basic to advanced-needed to produce fast skis. He covers the basic mechanics of skis and wax; all the factors that can affect a ski's speed and how to minimize or eliminate them; and advanced topics such as testing and repairs. Written by an expert ski and wax technician, this book is based on more than 30 years of field experience.

This manual is the complete 'gold standard' for ski preparation and waxing. (Steven Gaskill, US Olympic Ski Coach)

This is a 'Did you know?' book, and Nat Brown KNOWS lots. If you want faster skis, you should know it too. (Bert Kleerup, director, Ski Research Group)

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