Mind Music And Imagery: Unlocking The Treasures Of Your Mind

Mind Music And Imagery: Unlocking The Treasures Of Your Mind

Mind Music and Imagery: Unlocking the Treasures of Your Mind

Music affects our physical well-being often without our being aware of it. This book reveals the power of music from classical through Jazz and New Age forms to heal emotions and transform lives using simple, step-by-step exercises and 39 musical activities.

From the Publisher
Stephanie Merritt's Mind Music and Imagery reveals very specifically how to use the power of music to heal our emotions and empower our spirit. She opens windows of the soul to promote personal growth reduce stress inspire creativity and enhance love relationships. I whole-heartedly recommend to all mental health professionals, teachers, healers, parents, and children-and to all who wish to hear and learn more about the muse in their soul

About the Author
Judith Bell has worked as a university lecturer, head of department and vice principal in colleges of further education; as a senior counsellor and course team writer for the Open University; and as one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools specializing in continuing education. In 1997 she was awarded the MBE for services to educational research and in the same year was awarded the degree of...

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