Introduction To The Work Of Melanie Klein

Introduction To The Work Of Melanie Klein

Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein

A lucid and comprehensive introduction to Kleinian theories from
one of the leading contemporary Kleinian analysts, including chapters on her early work and on technique. Also includes a complete
chronological list of Klein's publications.

This is a reprint of a revised and enlarged edition of the most lucid and comprehensive study of Melanie Klein's writings. Dr Segal has added important new chapters on Melanie Klein's early work and on technique, as well as a complete chronological list of her publications.

From the Publisher
A concise yet thorough review of Melanie Klein, a pioneer in psychoanalysis and the founder of the analytic play technique.

About the Author
Hanna Segal was born in Poland in August 1918 and studied medicine in Warsaw and Paris before qualifying at the Polish Medical School in Edinburgh in 1943. She became a psychoanalyst four years later, having trained under Melanie Klein, with Paula Heimann and Joan Riviere as her first supervisors. Dr Segal then qualified in child analysis and afterwards became a training analyst in the British Psychoanalytical Society in 1951-52. She also served as...

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