Strumuscript: Manuscript For Strumming Guitar

Strumuscript: Manuscript For Strumming Guitar

Strumuscript: Manuscript for Strumming Guitar

Guitar, being a popular instrument uses tablature to make reading music easily accessible. Strumuscript complements the user-friendly idea of tablature by providing a simple way of writing down strumming patterns using a graphical representation of the motion of strumming. Strumuscript contains 40 pages of Strumuscript suitable for 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8 time signatures. Also included is a 3 page tutorial. Strumuscript can be useful for writing down strumming patterns for songs or individual parts of songs that you want to play. If you write your own songs with chord sequences Strumuscript can add to this by offering a way of writing your strumming patterns down as well. Strumuscript can also help with difficult strumming patterns because you can see them written out rather than relying only on memory.

About the Author

For some video examples of Gareth's guitar playing (from the "Guitar Licks" books) please view Gareth's author page.

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