Calculus For Cats

Calculus For Cats

Calculus for Cats

Calculus for Cats describes the processes, vocabulary and strategies of calculus for people who like to learn the concepts of a subject before they start trying to operate it. In an irreverent tone, it explains what calculus is, why it's important, what the procedures are and when to use them. Many people learn subjects like calculus by repeating the procedures but sometimes feel like they don't really understand what's going on. This book answers their questions. Over the last decade of the book's existence, the most common comment it's received is, "Wow! So that's how it works! I wish I had this book back when i took the course." Obviously, it's even more valuable to students before they take the course. It contains no exercises; it won't replace a standard text or teacher. What it does is provide a second explanation of what's going on that many people find useful, and everyone agrees is much different from the traditional approaches.

The humor, adept use of analogy and realistic grasp of the subject matter make it a valuable and enjoyable -- Cynthia D Holcomb, PH.D Cornell University, Research Chemical Engineer


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