Lakescaping For Wildlife & Water Quality

Lakescaping For Wildlife & Water Quality

Lakescaping for Wildlife & Water Quality

This book shows to plan and plant a diverse natural lakeshore landcape. Features information on how to restore wildlife habitat, wildflowers and clear water--preserve or restore the natural beauty that attracted you to lakeshore living in the first place. The principles and techniques in this book are also applicable for landscaping along rivers, streams and wetlands. Also features lakeshore rules and regulations for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

About the Author
Carrol L. Henderson is supervisor of the Non-game Wildlife Program at the State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Carolyn Dindorf has worked with lake associations and individual homeowners to plant and initiate lakescaping projects since 1992. She has also worked for the State of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Hennepin County Conservation District.

Fred Rozumalski is a landscape ecologist who stries to design and restore native landscapes with an order and beauty that even the casual visitor can appreciate. He is a landscaping ecologist at Barr Engineering in Minneapolis, Minn.

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