Disciplines For The Inner Life

Disciplines For The Inner Life

Disciplines for the Inner Life

This powerful devotional aid has been called a perennial classic. The format offers readings from 176 books, 52 hymns, and 141 different writers that helps to develop and cultivate personal worship. The authors, Bob and Michael Benson, turned to their years of devotion of the study of the Scriptures and readings to the rich traditions of spiritual aids to spiritual growth used throughout Christian history and across the centuries. This is a devotional that has stood the test of time and continues to touch lives deeply

Devotional guides tend to lean to one of two extremes: the head or the heart. Some are intellectually stimulating, others are emotional and touching. Some move you to think, others move you to tears. Few move you to both. This one does. Disciplines for the Inner Life speaks to the head and the heart--stretching both mind and faith. -- Max Lucado

Disciplines for the Inner Life is a trustworthy guide for those who want to live faithfully and fully as Christian disciples because it was compiled by trusted guides who know the way home. A creative, productive, and faithful spiritual life requires some structure....

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