Elizabeth Montgomery: A Bewitching Life

Elizabeth Montgomery: A Bewitching Life

Elizabeth Montgomery: A Bewitching Life

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Brand New 5th Edition 165pp

Features 75 plus new and rare photos, new interviews and information including a lengthy Q & A with Bewitched producer/director Richard Michaels.

Drawing upon research from primary sources dating back to the 19th century, this biographical work presents an in-depth, multi-dimensional look at the life and career of Elizabeth Montgomery.

Included in the work is a detailed family history, Elizabeth's own stories describing her childhood and youth, her early career, her life and work with William Asher and her devotion to their children, as well as her later work in television movies and with various charities and social service groups. Featured are more than 500 images of Elizabeth throughout her life, as well as from her early television days, her Bewitched television series and her TV movies. Included are numerous direct quotes and stories from Elizabeth herself, as well as from family members.

Special BEWITCHED section includes:

1. The Bewitched 100 - 100 facts about Bewitched in a clear, easy-to-read, easy-to-find listing.

2. Connecticut vs. New York?

3. Lots of Bewitched-related photos

4. Interview with Richard Michaels, Director & Producer of Bewitched

5. It's all relative...

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