Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book

Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book

Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book

Thomas Jefferson's little granddaughter, Virginia Randolph carefully copied the recipes he brought back from France, as well as his favorites from Monticello and the White House.

The result was Jefferson's personal one-of-a-kind cookbook. It was handed down for generations from mother to daughter as a priceless possession. In the late 1930s, Fanny M. Burke… great-great granddaughter of Jefferson… presented the book to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation shortly before her death. Ms. Burke joined with the Foundation in giving noted historian, Marie Kimball permission to prepare it for publication.

Mrs. Kimball fully adapted Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book to practical, modern use. All the recipes were proportioned to our current practice of a formula for serving six people. Each recipe was tested. It is not only correct, but tastes great!


"When it comes to the pleasures of the table Jefferson possessed extraordinary, undisputed taste. Oddly, however, this aspect of his nature is mentioned only tangentially by his biographers, if at all.... The most comprehensive work yet compiled on Jefferson's gastronomic adventures is Marie Kimball's Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book.." -- Craig Claiborne, New York Times

"A concise and possibly definitive essay on Thomas...

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