Brush And Weeds Of Texas Rangelands

Brush And Weeds Of Texas Rangelands

Brush and Weeds of Texas Rangelands

More than one hundred million acres of Texas land are either native rangeland or permanent pasture, but most of this land is infested with unwanted weed and brush species that compete with desirable forage plants. With this book at their fingertips, landowners and rangeland managers now can easily identify the brush and weeds posing greatest concern in their area.
This easy-to-use field guide includes plant descriptions, identifying characteristics, geographic distribution, and habitat descriptions, along with range maps and multiple color photos for each species.

About the Author

CHARLES R. HART is professor, associate department head, and extension program leader for Ecosystem Science and Management. He resides in Stephenville, Texas.

BARRON RECTOR is an assistant professor and extension range specialist.

C. WAYNE HANSELKA, ROBERT K. LYONS, and ALLAN McGINTY are each professors and range specialists. All are with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas A&M University System.

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