The Organic Chemistry Of Biological Pathways

The Organic Chemistry Of Biological Pathways

The Organic Chemistry of Biological Pathways

Intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in all areas of biochemistry, The Organic Chemistry of Biological Pathways provides an accurate treatment of the major biochemical pathways from the perspective of mechanistic organic chemistry.


"The book's greatest strength is its emphasis on the conceptual unity of organic chemistry and biochemistry. The chemical structures are presented with great care and accompanied by lucid explanations." —Charles Clapp, Bucknell University

"This textbook elegantly portrays the complementary nature of chemistry and biology. By describing biological processes in detailed chemical terms, the authors have provided a resource that provides an unparalleled look into the fascinating and emerging field of chemical biology." —Hung-wen Liu, University of Texas

"This textbook satisfies a major need in chemistry curricula, bridging the gap between introductory organic chemistry and biochemistry/biology. It is the first book written for students that presents biological transformations from the perspective of organic mechanism. The book significantly augments modern biochemistry curricula and may catalyze a resurgence of interest in biological mechanism." —Carolyn R. Bertozzi, University of California, Berkeley

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John E. McMurry received his B.A. from Harvard University...

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