The Deep End Of The Sky

The Deep End Of The Sky

The Deep End of the Sky

Chad Lee Robinson’s The Deep End of the Sky, winner of the Turtle Light Press 2014 Haiku Chapbook Competition, takes us deep into the heartland of America—and of ourselves.

"These small poems will take you on a journey through the vast expanses of the American prairie, where you will see, hear and feel the farm landscape and its connection to the cosmos."
Penny Harter, Judge, 2014 TLP Haiku Chapbook Contest

"Robinson has adapted the haiku form to an American Heartland and often rural setting. He is an alert and wise observer of such things as farm work, hunting and fishing. This is an outstanding collection of haiku by a young man who has mastered the form."
David Allan Evans, Poet Laureate of South Dakota

"Chad Lee Robinson uses words the way Frederic Remington used brush and bronze. He beckons the reader not only to the vast landscapes of North America’s prairies, but also to the intimate center of human experience."
Billie Wilson, Associate Editor, The Heron’s Nest

"A rising star out of the West, Chad Lee Robinson celebrates the Great Plains with a fresh, unique voice. His approach to life is strong and direct,...

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