The Infinite Wait And Other Stories

The Infinite Wait And Other Stories

The Infinite Wait and Other Stories

The Infinite Wait and Other Stories is not a sustained narrative, but rather a collection of three short stories. The stories in this collection contain Julia Wertz's signature acerbic wit, ribald humor, and keen eye for the everyday, but they also find the cartoonist delving more deeply into the personal.


Nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Reality-Based Work

Infinite Wait, even if lyrically titled, has everything to do with the continuum of health, illness, relapse, life and love; its take on Lupus (as well as addiction) is granular. Follow her lead, read, write-draw your own story (or help others to do so), and you’ll take your life back from labs, meds, insurance denials and TV commercial cures, and start to live again.” ― Andrew Schechterman, Graphic Medicine

“Each story features outrageous, insightful and painfully honest tales from various chapters of her life. Though currently spending much of her time photographing abandoned urban sites, Wertz’s future in comics remains blindingly bright, evidenced by this fine, must-have collection.” ― Richard Pachter, Miami Herald

“With drawings that appear simple and child-like, Wertz disarmed me, and drew me into a story that is...

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