Book Design Made Simple, 2nd Ed.

Book Design Made Simple, 2nd Ed.

Book Design Made Simple, 2nd Ed.

Book Design Made Simple gives DIY authors, small presses, and graphic designers―novices and experts alike―the power to design their own books. It's the first comprehensive book of its kind, explaining every step from installing Adobe® InDesign® right through to sending the files to press. For those who want to design their own books but have little idea how to proceed, Book Design Made Simple is a semester of book design instruction plus a publishing class rolled into one. Let two experts guide you through the process with easy step-by-step instructions, resulting in a professional-looking top-quality book.


Book Design Made Simple fills a huge void in the graphic arts and indie publishing bookshelf. Classic books on book design are fine for design students, but usually have little relation to what we do in today’s digital world.

What indie authors have wanted―and what they keep asking me for―is step by step instruction in creating industry standard books with today’s tools and for today’s book production requirements.

That’s what Book Design Made Simple delivers, and it does so beautifully.

But this book is much more than that.

Book Design Made Simple is more...

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