All I Have To Do Is Dream: The Boudleaux And Felice Bryant Story

All I Have To Do Is Dream: The Boudleaux And Felice Bryant Story

All I Have to Do Is Dream: The Boudleaux and Felice Bryant Story

Nashville's first professional songwriters, Boudleaux and Felice Bryant wrote a long string of 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s country and pop hits, most of the Everly Brothers standards, and "Rocky Top," the most famous bluegrass song in the world. Their professional partnership is legendary--their compositions have influenced several generations of artists and few other writers have had as great an impact on modern popular music. Their personal relationship is one of the great American love stories--they eloped within days of meeting and were madly in love for the next forty years. This lavishly illustrated biography tells the story of the songwriters and of the most famous Bryant songs. Rare interviews and photos from the Bryant family's private collection tell how the Bryants' talent, hard work, and devotion to each other changed music history. Anyone who was ever in love will enjoy the account of their romance and anyone who appreciates the scope and originality of American popular music will treasure the story of their songs.


"Felice and Boudleaux Bryant were two of the early great songwriters to migrate to Nashville. They showed...

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