Comparative Politics: Structures And Choices

Comparative Politics: Structures And Choices

Comparative Politics: Structures and Choices

COMPARATIVE POLITICS: STRUCTURES AND CHOICES, offers a thematic framework that seamlessly connects concepts, theories, and country-specific information. In the Second Edition, an important set of concepts and theories is introduced and then applied to each of nine countries (the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, India, Nigeria, and Iran) through the Topic in Countries (TIC) sections of each chapter. Students develop an understanding of how economic, cultural, identity, and political structures are linked to political systems and how individuals make political choices.

"The Barrington text is a new standard for teaching comparative politics. It combines clear concept conceptualization with outstanding application. It is fundamentally comparative and reinforces the importance of comparative study and new knowledge creation by political scientists."

"This is one of the best books on the market that blends the country approach with an emphasis on concepts in the study of comparative politics. If you want just one book for your course, rather than two, then this book may be for you."

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Lowell W. Barrington is Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Political...

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