Audio In Media (Wadsworth Series In Broadcast And Production)

Audio In Media (Wadsworth Series In Broadcast And Production)

Audio in Media (Wadsworth Series in Broadcast and Production)

In AUDIO IN MEDIA, Tenth Edition, Stanley Alten -- internationally recognized as a scholar and expert in the area of audio production -- continues to provide students with an introduction to the basic techniques and principles necessary for audio production in today's media. The clear, current illustrations and photos and student-friendly writing in Alten's market-leading text have helped professors effectively teach this technically based course to thousands of introductory audio-production students. Comprehensive, technically accurate, and up-to-date, the text covers informational, perceptual, and aesthetic aspects of sound as they apply to each stage of the production process, from planning to postproduction.

"AUDIO IN MEDIA is the most complete and thorough audio-production textbook on the market today. It has been for many years. I have never found any textbook that can compete with it."

"Audio in Media speaks to the students as audio professionals and exposes them to the terminology and language they can expect in media-production industries, and from audio-production professionals, publications and equipment vendors."

About the Author
Stanley R. Alten teaches audio production, TV/film aesthetics, writing, and criticism. Before joining the Syracuse...

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