Administration Of Programs For Young Children

Administration Of Programs For Young Children

Administration of Programs for Young Children

ADMINISTRATION OF PROGRAMS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN is a tried and true guide for early childhood education students who want to be directors, as well as a comprehensive resource for those who are already directors. The text emphasizes the role of leaders/managers and their function in relation to new staff, while simultaneously addressing the needs of children, parents, and other staff. Coverage includes a wide variety of information about relevant program elements as well as methods and principles related to supervising student teachers, assistant teachers, teachers, parents, and volunteers. Real-life scenarios equip working directors with problem- solving techniques; readers also learn best practices in child care program management. Highlights include a fresh new design, a new chapter diversity, up-to-date technology information, and new TeachSource Videos integrated into each chapter.

"This text is well organized with current information concerning early childhood administration practices. It is well written and is a fast read. Excellent forms that can be used and modified for use in any center. It is good reference for any director to have."

"This is a great text for those students interested in a Director's Credential or an Advanced Director's...

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