'Honour' Killing And Violence: Theory, Policy And Practice

'Honour' Killing And Violence: Theory, Policy And Practice

'Honour' Killing and Violence: Theory, Policy and Practice

In this interdisciplinary collection leading experts and scholars from criminology, psychology, law and history provide a compelling analysis of practices and beliefs that lead to violence against women, men and children in the name 'honour'.


“The result is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive and unique collection which will provide practitioners, women’s groups, development workers, policy-makers, academics, students and researchers with a range of ideas and analyses on which to draw. … this book is an extremely useful addition to the academic and policy literature and to engendering social change for women across the world in terms of the horror of ‘honour’ violence and killings.” (Gill Hague, Gender & Development, Vol. 23 (3), November, 2015)

'Honour' Killing and Violence is an important resource for academics, practitioners and students working in the areas of gender-based violence internationally and within Britain. This well-written volume provides coverage of a number of important issues and contexts, including law and policy; and community and state responses in Britain, Europe, India and North America. It also benefits from its interdisciplinarity: the contributors use skills from a range of academic disciplines, including history, economics, law, criminology and psychology, to...

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