Emerging Perspectives On Disability Studies

Emerging Perspectives On Disability Studies

Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies

Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies brings together up-and-coming scholars whose works expand disability studies into new interdisciplinary contexts. This includes new perspectives on disability identity; historical constructions of (dis)ability; the geography of disability; the spiritual nature of disability; governmentality and disability rights; neurodiversity and challenges to medicalized constructions of autism; and questions of citizenship and participation in political and sexual economies. In sum, this volume uses disability studies as an innovative framework for its investigation into what it means to be human.


"In the companion volumes Foundations of Disability Studies and Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies, editors Matthew Wappett and Katrina Arndt bring together a wide range of authors who trace the arc in disability theorizing that began 35 years ago in the US and UK with foundational texts like Bogdan and Taylor's Handicapism, Zola's Missing Pieces, UPIAS's Fundamental Principles of Disability, and other important contributions. The collections go on to explore disability theory from diverse vantage points from the foundational texts to the present rising generation of scholars who explore race and disability, space and disability, war/ideology/disability, historical methodology (i.e., archaeology), and gender. These books are timely in that they...

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