Leadership In Balance: New Habits Of The Mind

Leadership In Balance: New Habits Of The Mind

Leadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind

Leadership in Balance provides readers with a deeper understanding of the art, practice, and discipline of purpose-driven collaboration, and teaches them how new leadership habits of the mind will positively impact an organization's learning, growth, and change.


"Leadership in Balance overflows with ideas that challenge business and government leaders to examine their own thinking and to adopt new ways of perceiving their own place in their organizations. Kucia and Gravett present cutting edge principles that combine eastern and western cultural styles, creating a genuine balanced style that anyone in a position of influence can use to deal more effectively with both peers and subordinates. Each chapter engages and motivates the reader to proceed onward with intense anticipation for gaining deeper leadership insights and ideas to be shared with colleagues." - Robert E. Wubbolding, Professor Emeritus, Xavier University,USA; Director of Training, The William Glasser Institute (1988-2011); Director, Center for Reality Therapy, Cincinnati, USA

"Kucia and Gravett provide an important evolution in leadership literature. Drawing on interviews with CEOs of major corporations and non-profit organizations, the authors develop a 'Balance Framework' that replaces hierarchical management with a leadership style that...

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