Feminism: Transmissions And Retransmissions (Theory In The World)

Feminism: Transmissions And Retransmissions (Theory In The World)

Feminism: Transmissions and Retransmissions (Theory in the World)

Adding to the debate on a range of issues, this book presents a critical and deeply personal history of Mexican feminism in the last thirty five years. Drawing from her many years of activism and anthropological scholarship, influential thinker Marta Lamas covers topics such as the political development of the feminist movement, affirmative action in the workplace, conceptual advances in regard to gender, and disagreements among feminists. Here in English for the first time, this work offers invaluable insight into the theoretical and political tensions that have shaped Mexican feminism and the world at large.


"As Jean Franco remarks in the introduction to this extraordinary collection of essays, Marta Lamas "remains required

reading" for those wishing to understand the role of women in the project of "redefining and promoting democracy" in

the world. This translated collection of four of Lamas's key essays, many of which have been circulating for years

throughout Latin America, particularly in her home nation of Mexico, provides English readers an essential if not

classical set of insights into what Lamas calls the 'transmissions and retransmissions' of feminist thought that links

psychoanalysis to Marxism and...

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